Nanerazavi holds a significant share of the market for flour-based products.From procurement of quality raw materials right through to the finished products which our customers buy, our Quality Control team closely monitorsall our processes and operations. This includes technical knowledge of staff, raw materials handling, production processes, final products, packaging, storage, loading and dispatch.

We make sure our customers receive top quality products thanks to:

  • Strong management of processes
  • Well-equipped production lines
  • Highly-trained and competent staff

Selection and use of the best raw materials from reliable and reputable suppliers is essential to our business. Our Quality Control team, together with our chemistry and microbiology laboratory, check the quality of all raw ingredients and necessary food-related certificates and licenses.

Our Quality Control team also monitors and maintains the established recipes for each of our products.

 Product packaging has been carefully selected to preserve freshness and keep our foodsin tip-top condition during their shelf-life. Our food packages carry important information about ingredients, production date, expiration date, nutritional facts, licenses and permits. This labelling supports product traceability after delivery.

The Quality Control team also monitors our cellophane packaging and design, and continuously monitors its effectiveness and safety.

All packaged products are monitored by the Quality Control team from their arrival in the warehouse, their storage, and subsequent removal for dispatch.  We use the proven first-in, first-out model, and all product identifications are registered before delivery to different destinations so traceability is maintained.

The company has certificated ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2015 management systems and HACCP.  Our documented and established quality policy, and the processes mentioned above are easily and effectively controlled. These management systems control our complete business operations guides from receipt of an initial sales order through to successful production and satisfied customers. 

Our Laboratory:

Since 2001 the Nanerazavi laboratory has held certificated competency for flour-based products. It works closely with the laboratory of the Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Khorasan Razavi Province.

Our laboratory is equipped with modern instruments. It employs experienced, skilled staff to carry out physicochemical and microbial tests of flour-based products.

Laboratory policy:

  1. Providing test results with the highest level of reliability
  2. Promoting customer satisfaction beyond customers’ expectations through laboratory services
  3. Continuous training to improve the staff’s technical and scientific capability
  4. Continuous improvement of our quality management system

All laboratory personnel are fully committed to helping the company meet its quality objectives.


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