"Nan e Razavi" Co., as a large producer of flour-based products, has gained a significant share of market thanks to the help of God, attention of Hazrat-e Samenalhojaj, efforts made by committed managers and experienced personnel, and support lent by consumers. This level of operation requires a system that precisely monitors work procedures, an important pillar of which is a dynamic quality system at all levels of production from the procurement of quality raw materials to the quality assurance of the products in consumers’ commodity bundle.  

To that end, the quality control unit of  "Nan e Razavi" Co. has made it its mission to monitor the quality at all levels of production, including handling of raw materials, the production process, final products, packaging, storage, and loading. These tasks are carried out through well-equipped production lines by well-trained, skilled personnel. With respect to their job description, each QC member carries out their duties to the greatest degree to ensure the delivery of a quality product to consumers.

The first requirement for producing quality products is to use quality raw materials. In cooperation with the chemistry and microbiology laboratory, the QC unit directly checks the quality of raw materials. Therefore, reputable suppliers are chosen to prepare raw materials. The suppliers are also required to present food-related certificates and licenses.

Strong formulations, technological know-how of the personnel, and state-of-the-art, automated equipment result in producing marketable products. This important target is achieved through controlling all production steps by the QC unit.

Packaging provides a protection for the food during its shelf-life. It helps preserve freshness and prevent contamination. Food packages carry important information on the ingredients, production date, expiration date, nutritional facts, nutrition signpost, licenses and permits. They make the product traceable on the supply-side. The QC unit monitors the cellophane packaging and design, and its safety is continuously examined by its experienced members.

After the warehouse is stocked up with packaged products, the QC unit monitors their storage and removal for loading in accordance with the first-in, first-out instruction. Each product’s ID is registered before they are sent to different destinations so that they can be traced if necessary.

Since the company has obtained ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2015 management system certifications and HACCP, and it has also a documented quality policy, the processes mentioned above are easily controlled. This guides the whole establishment towards a successful production and sale. 


Since 2001,  "Nan e Razavi" Co.’s laboratory has held certificate of competency for flour-based products. It is the partner laboratory of the Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Khorasan Razavi Province.

The laboratory, equipped with modern instruments, employs experienced, skilled personnel to carry out physicochemical and microbial tests of flour-based products. Its services entail the following areas:

Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Macaroni, Confectionaries, Flat bread, leavened bread, Different types of flour, Hulled cereal and groats, Wheat flour, biscuit, waffle, Groat-based leavened products, Corn-based leavened product microbiology, Chips burger, Sliced deep-fried potato chips, Deep-fried French fries

The laboratory policy

  1. Providing test results with the highest level of reliability
  2. Promoting customer satisfaction with laboratory services beyond customers’ expectations
  3. Continuous training to improve the staff’s technical and scientific capability
  4. Continuous improvement of quality management system

All laboratory personnel are required to fully use their potential to meet the quality objectives.


Holder of the province’s top food producer title in 2016-2017 granted by Iran National Standards Organization;

Holder of the province’s top producer title in 2016-2017 granted by Khorasan Razavi Food and Drug Administration;

 "Nan e Razavi" Food Industry Group produces different types of cakes, cookies, biscuits, etc., producing and distributing various, high-quality products for a wide range of consumers domestically and internationally (exports to the U.S., Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.)

Received honors includes the province’s top exporter, holder of Zarrin Rating Certificate, etc. 

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