Nan e razavi has its head office and manufacturing facilities in Greater Khorasan Province where the ancient and famous Silk Roadroute used to run.

Because the Khorasan regions are suitable for growing cold and warm weather crops like wheat, rice, almonds, apples and pistachios, this area is known as one of Iran’s “grain warehouses”.  It has a strong economic significance for the country.


Razavi Khorasan Province with an area of about 128,420 square kilometeres, equivalent to 7.8 percent of the whole area of the country, consists of 19 counties, 62 districts, and 8,861 villages with a population about 5 million people.

The Razavi Khorasan area is ranked third in terms of employment behind Tehran and Isfahan, and sixth in terms of investment. Nan e razavi enjoys the strong economic and commercial benefits of being situated in the heart of this important business area.

We are at the very forefront of food production in the country, and are proud of our commercial standing in a competitive market.

 Our activities started around 1967. In a corner of Imam Reza Hospital was a baker making breads for the hospital staff and patients. His excellent breads were well-known by all who lived in Mashhad, but he wasn't able to bake sufficient to satisfy demand. Administrators of AstanGhodseRazavi decided to expand production, and in 1972 “Nan e Razavi” Company was registered.

High-quality products continued to be produced through the Revolution in 1978, and beyond during the time of industrial change within the country . We also maintained customer satisfaction while operating with reduced staffing levels.

In 1982, land at the entrance of Mashhad City was granted to the company for further development of the business. New equipment was installed 3 years later. We are now among food companies for our developmental plansand innovative products.  2004 saw the installation of our strudel production lines which are fully automated. We use our modern technology to produce high-quality, popular strudel and croissant delicacies.

We are proud to be one of the largest food factories producing “cake, cookies, bread,strudel,biscuit, wafer and doughnut” in Iran. Annual production capacity exceeds 44,100 tons across more than 100 different high-quality products for domestic use and export.

Our factory units are located at the entrance of the Mashhad-Quchan Road at Ghaem Square where there are more than 14 doughnut, strudel and bread production lines. Production there also includes sponge cakes, pastries, cookies, marshmallows, and biscuit lines.

Further business development is planned.


High quality and customer satisfaction have been our aim ever since the Imam Reza Hospital bakery. Indeed, we are totally committed to these important principles.

We have always aimed (and will continue to do so) to meet our social responsibilities and produce healthy products. That is why important investment was made in domestic production during the years before the Revolution, and expanding it after the Revolution to promote domestic production and job creation. We support our local industry,and produce most of our own machinery and equipment with internal technical personnel and trusted domestic suppliers.

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